Haier RWT350AW 3.1 Cubic Feet Top Load Agitator Washer

The Haier RWT350AW 3.1 Cubic Feet Top Load Agitator Washer features 7 wash cycles with a bigger tub size. This is another breakthrough from the company. Haier has been named as the number one laundry brand in the world. And true to its image, the 3.1 Cubic Feet Agitator Washer offer the most efficient cleaning. The agitator will bring out your clothes sparkling clean without the tangling and pulling. The different wash options allow you to customize your work depending on the fabric you have. You can wash both delicate fabric and heavy duty materials. The wash cycles come in heavy, normal, white, colors, delicate, quick and spin only option.  It also features an extra rinse to make your washing a lot easier.

The indicator light and process status gives you the stage of the cleaning process. You can follow along with the cycles by looking at the indicator lights found on the control panel. When the cycle is done, a buzzer will alarm you. The machine is housed in a stainless steel tub which makes it highly durable and rust-resistant. The 3.1 capacity is ideal for big families. It can hold your clothes easily and wash them well using the different water levels.

With unlimited number of combinations, the Haier RWT350AW 3.1 Cubic Feet Top Load Agitator Washer is definitely the best investment for all homeowners. You get more for your money than other models and brands. Because of its easy operation and simple maintenance, this is one of the most sought after models of Haier washers.

As for the sound and vibration, there are varied comments from clients. Some customers praise the smooth operation of the machine. It is very quiet and has less vibration compared with the traditional washers. But there are also some who describe the operation like a jet launching. Probably, you can ask your salesman to try it so that you can judge whether the noise is disturbing or the description is just an exaggeration of some clients.

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