Cheap Washing Machines

Manually washing the clothes may be one of the most difficult household tasks that every homeowner must face. This is probably the reason why in the past decades, cheap washing machines are the most saleable home appliances. They help full time moms, students and even house helpers in dealing with dirty clothes. The machine helps you save time and energy. You can finish a basketful of laundry without having to sweat out and exert too much effort.


You probably cannot imagine a world without cheap washing machines. Their benefits are incomparable and worth the money you spend with them. You may be wondering how it was like before its invention and how the discoverer got the idea on it. Historically, the people washed their clothes by pounding on rocks and rubbing them on sand. The earliest design considered to be the predecessor of the modern washing machine is the invention of James King in 1851. Unlike the one you have today, the appliance is completely hand powered. Thus, it still requires the operator to do the hand washing.

Features of a Modern Machine

Today, all appliance centers sell cheap washing machines. They come in different brands, design and prices. If you think you need to replace your existing item at home, it is good to know some of the important features of the appliance.

Energy Guide Sticker

The increasing cost of electricity compels many manufacturing companies to indicate the energy guide sticker in their products. This is the way to inform clients on the expected amount to pay for each use of the electric machine. As mandated by almost all countries’ energy regulatory departments, you will see the information on the manual of the cheap washing machines. If you are a wise buyer, you must check for the energy efficiency of the product. Generally, the lower the energy guide rating number, the more efficient the machine.

Stain Features

Stain features increase the dirt-removing capacity of washing machines. Steam removes wrinkles and sanitizes your clothes. This feature is available only to some brands of machines. Even when you want cheap washing machines, stretching your budget for the added characteristic is definitely worth every dollar.

Automatic Program Settings

With the release of fully automated appliances, many cheap washing machines have automatic program settings to calculate the desired speed, level of water and time needed to finish the laundry chores. Choose between the delicate and heavy washing options depending on the fabric of the clothes. The automation will give you the flexibility of time to do other chores. You simply have to program the appliance, leave it to work on its own and come back with dry and clean clothes. These features are very helpful especially with the fast-paced living. You can do multi-tasked activities to maximize your time.

Buying Guide

After deciding to live on your own, cheap washing machines should be one of your top priorities. Finding the best brand and model can be quite challenging especially with the countless number of manufacturers out in the market.  Here are some of the tips to help you get the most from your money.


The warranties for almost all brands of cheap washing machines are the same. They include 12 months of full coverage for parts and around 2 years for service. For clients who want to extend the warranty period, you simply have to pay for the additional cost. Different retailers offer varying amounts for these. Since the parts especially the motor may present problem, it is important to look for longer warranty period as much as you can.


The size often determines the price of cheap washing machines. When choosing the appliance, you have to consider the amount of laundry to place in the washer. Compact washers are good for small families and in small apartments. For larger families, you may want to get a bigger washer to accommodate all your clothes. Although they are a lot bigger, they may also be energy efficient as the compact types.

Washer with Dryer

Many cheap washing machines come with a built-in dryer. They provide a cheaper option than buying the two appliances separately. Because they are compact, it helps you save space at home. The main disadvantage of the washer with dryer is when one unit breaks down; the other may also be affected.


You probably made up your mind about the type and size of cheap washing machines. However, deciding on the brand becomes your next problem. To date, the largest manufacturing companies are GE and Whirlpool. Maytag is another reputable name when it comes to washer and dryers. You may find these three with slightly higher prices compared with unknown and unpopular brands. Their years in the industry and the good service system make them as the preferred choices of many clients.


You can get cheap washing machines for as long as you know the features to get. If you do not intend to use a feature, you do not have to pay for it. So, when you shop, you should decide on the functions you want. It is useless to get the latest addition in sophisticated machines if you will not use it.

Care and Maintenance

Typically, even the cheap washing machines last for about 5 to 12 years. To meet the maximum lifespan of the appliance, you have to ensure proper maintenance. You can reduce the repair cost if you know how to care for it.

Periodic maintenance is important to enjoy your cheap washing machines up to its 10th or 12th year. Remove clogged deposits by spinning vinegar mixture or soda crystals in the tub. Do this at least twice a year. Do not exceed the allowable wash load. If your washer only accommodates 6 kilograms of clothes, do not put more than what it can handle. Use high quality detergent powder to avoid corrosion. Replace hoses every 3 years and call you service professional in case you encounter any problem. Although the product comes with a warranty, manufacturers do not replace your damaged appliance due to negligence and improper use of the machine.

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